Aircraft mechanics to be honored

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By John Roe, Edited by Michael Burgess
Top brief in “Around Town”, Page 3, 2/28/03

The Wright brothers’ mechanic, Charles Taylor, who built the first airplane engines by hand, will be honored along with all Aircraft Maintainance Technicians by the Aircraft Maintainance Technicians Association.

A proclamation was made by the State of California to make May 24 AMT day in honor of Taylor. On AMT Day, AMTA will dedicate a plaque at the San Diego Aerospace museum in honor of Taylor and all AMTs. The City of Chula Vista will present the AMTA with the AMT Day Proclamation at a city council meeting March 4 at 4 p.m.

“If not for Charlie’s contributions, the Wrights would not have been the first in controlled powered flight,” said Ken MacTiernan, Director of the AMTA and an American Airlines Aircraft Technician Crew Chief at Lindbergh Field. “No one knows who Charles Taylor was and no one knows who today’s Aircraft Technicians are. It is AMTA’s goal to change this and educate to the public as to who the AMTs’ unsung heroes are.”

MacTiernan said he plans to accomplish this by dedicating plaques in honor of Taylor and all AMTs at aerospace museums and airports and to assist the drive to have the remaining 49 states pass resolutions similar to the one California passed.

“Chula Vista has a history in aviation because years past, Flying Boats would fly into Chula Vista Harbor and be repaired by Rohr. Rorh is now B.F. Goodrich,” MacTiernan said.

AMTA is a non-profit organization and currently has 52 members.


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