My Filled Ballot 11-2-2010

How to do this is pretty awesome…

  • Google search for your registrar of voters: ‘sample ballot [insert county name] county registrar of voters’ – for me it was
  • Input your address and it will give you your precinct-specific sample ballot. Save it to your hard drive.
  • If you have Mac OSX 10.4 or higher like me, download the free PDF editor FormulatePro – – if you have Windows or Linux, leave a comment with your favorite free PDF editor(s).
  • Open the ballot PDF you saved earlier in your PDF editor.
  • Select the check symbol tool, and tick the boxes you penciled in on your paper ballot/sample ballot. Use the text tool for write-ins or no-votes.
  • Click File>Print… PDF drop-down>Save As PDF…
  • Upload PDF to the blog, forum or website of your choice.
  • Toss your paper sample ballot in the recycle bin!
  • My result:
    Click here


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