av tech

I’ve formally worked as an audiovisual technician on a volunteer basis at OnStage Playhouse, November 2000-July 2002. The three plays I worked were Crossing Delancey, Barefoot in the Park (where I voiced the off-stage delivery man a few times via the booth mic and backstage speaker), and Bus Stop.

I have also informally helped with AV while doing countless other jobs, or as an attendee. I can afford very little of my own AV equipment, but I am a quick study with yours.

At OnStage, I was responsible for operation of the sound mixer, stereo equipment, light control board, and the Motorola Professional Radios. I also fixed their electronic and audio equipment.

I also designed the sound effects and compiled the musical soundtrack for Bus Stop, receiving an A.C.T. Aubrey Award nomination for “Sound Design – Comedy/Drama” and OnStage Playhouse Award nominations for both Technical Execution and Sound Design (2001-02) for my work.

On 4/6/2019, I received my CSCE for my amateur radio Extra class license, after General on 3/23/2019, and Technician in January 2003. I immediately signed up to become a Volunteer Examiner & hope to specialize in leading/scheduling real-time video link over-the-internet exams with at least 2 other Extra class VEs, or 3 if I’m unable to link up.

I accept Bitcoin & cash, but absolutely no PayPal or other non-cash scammer payment methods.